Design Department


Design Department Incorporated (DDI) is a provider of a wide range of high quality, cost effective, design and engineering services and provides practical product development solutions.  We have significant experience in the design of direct injected two stroke engines and have delivered high performance 4-stroke muffler designs along with intake system and CAM profile optimization.

DDI can provide our partners with ready to prototype 3-D CAD models and drawings of optimized engine components.  Our engineers are experience in delivering practical product development solutions and not simply analysis for the sake of analysis.

Contact DDI for GT-SUITE Services related to:

  • Engine Performance Modeling.
  • Exhaust System & Muffler Design.
  • Intake System Design.
  • CAM Profile Optimization.

Patrick Tetzlaff
General Manager/ VP of Engineering
Design Department, Inc.
9619 42nd Ct.
Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158

Phone: 1 (414) 331-7053