Czero, an Advanced Engineering R&D Services firm, specializes in delivering end-to-end projects for complex machine design, advanced hydraulic systems, powertrain systems and subsystems, custom gensets, clean technologies and integrating novel technologies into existing systems.

Czero works in the automotive, cleantech, oil and gas, energy, aerospace, defense, transportation and other industries.

We use GT-SUITE (including co-simulations with CONVERGE) to model engines of all kinds, sizes and fuel types as well as systems for powertrains/propulsion, thermal management and complex hydraulics systems and components.

Advanced hydraulics experts. Czero’s engineering team has especially deep expertise in design, modeling, simulation, prototyping and testing of high bandwidth hydraulics systems

  • Fuel injection systems
  • Camless valve train
  • Solenoid/actuator design optimization
  • Piezoelectric actuated valves
  • Hydraulic hybrid powertrains
  • Air/natural gas compression
  • Hydraulic pump systems

Lyle Shuey
Czero, Inc.
1306 Blue Spruce Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80524 – USA
Phone: +1 317 340 9656