Since 1951, LMM has accumulated its competencies and processes and thus provides total capability in the field of piston engines. Extensive expertise has also been acquired in the field of tranmissions and hybrid transmission.  This allows LMM to act as a consultant for the complete powertrain, considered as a system.

LMM is equipped with state-of-the-art test benches, measurement, design software and advanced simulation tools (CFD, FEM, engine and powertrain simulation)

LMM provides GT-SUITE services related to:

  • Engine Performance modeling
  • Analysis of engine cylinder pressure
  • Acoustics intakes & exhausts
  • Exhaust aftertreatment

Mr. Francois Lormier
CAE Manager
5-9, Rue Benoit Franchon
91127, Palaiseau, Cedex
Phone: +33 1 69 19 74 53
Mobile: +33 6 86 84 90 95
E-mail: f.lormier@le-moteur-moderne.fr
Website: www.le-moteur-moderne.fr