GT-SUITE Product Options

GT-SUITE is packaged in the form of three licensing options:

  • GT-SUITE: contains all GT libraries and capabilities. The ideal choice for full vehicle design and analysis, GT-SUITE offers an all-inclusive package that provides an important cost advantage to users.
  • GT-POWER: the industry-leading software for engine simulation with a detailed cylinder model and combustion analysis.
  • GT-SUITEmp: serves as a multi-physics platform to construct models in a wide range of applications including Cooling Systems and Thermal Management, Vehicle and HEV Fuel Economy, Hydraulics and Pneumatics, and many more.

Applications for each package include:

In addition to the above, GT also bundles various Tools and Models:


  • GT-AutoLion– integrate AutoLion battery models directly into GT-SUITE’s electrical and thermal domains
  • GT-POWER-xRT – tool dedicated to running detailed GT-POWER engine models on HiL platforms
  • GT-SUITE-RTto run GT-SUITE models on HiL platforms
  • GT-Automation –  a time-saving enterprise package that allows simulation engineers to write Python code to manipulate GT models programmatically
  • CONVERGE™ Lite – sub-licensed from Convergent Science
  • GT-SPACECLAIM – sub-licensed from Spaceclaim
  • GT-Linearization – linearization of models for controls development


  • Lithium Ion Battery – dynamic battery model
  • Electric Motor – dynamic motor model sub-licensed from JMAG
  • FRM Engine Database – set of 23 fast-running engine models representative of modern engines

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