GT’s Real Driving Solution Highlighted in IEEE Transportation Electrification Newsletter

April 15, 2020

We’re proud to announce that GT’s Real Driving solution was highlighted in the latest issue of IEEE’s Transportation Electrification Community Newsletter. In an article titled “Optimal Controls to Optimize the Fuel Economy in Real World Driving”, GT’s Dhavl Lodaya, Marcin Okarmus, and Jon Zeman explain some of the key considerations in HEV Energy Management Systems (EMS) and present a method that cuts computation time by 91% for 1800 seconds of a driving cycle.

The paper also demonstrates how to utilize real driving simulations to evaluate fuel economy and energy usage depending on the time of day, traffic density, driver behavior, and more. By using a Dynamic Programming (DP) algorithm and by utilizing parallelization, this method significantly reduces computation cost and provides a strong solution at the design and conceptual analysis stages.

Click here to read the article!

For more information on GT solutions for real driving simulations, check out our blog about studying vehicle behavior in real driving scenarios with GT-RealDrive.