GT at the International Fluid Power Expo (IFPE)


Date: March 6-11, 2017
Venue: Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada

Gamma Technologies is excited to announce our participation at the International Fluid Power Exposition 2017, in collaboration with Czero. Please come stop by Booth IFPE-South Hall 3-S82557 to learn more about GT-SUITE solutions for fluid power applications and system level off-highway vehicle modeling including various sub-systems like engine, hydraulics, thermal management, and many more.

We will also be hosting three in-booth demos and invite you to add them to your planners.

In-Booth Demos include:

System level integrated vehicle model combining Engine, Hydraulics, Transmissions, Thermal Systems – March 9 & 10 at 2 PM

Highlights include:

  • Learn how to use GT-SUITE’s CAD preprocessor, GEM3D, to convert loader CAD to 2D/3D mechanicas and 1D hydraulics model.
  • Use xLINK, a tool-neutral co-simulation platform to create system level models, integrating sub-system models from different tools.
  • System level integrated vehicle modeling to eliminate sharing boundary data between different design groups.

Valve Design and Analysis: Modeling valves and evaluating FSI using GT-SUITE – March 9 & 10 at 2.30 PM

Highlights include:

  • System level hydraulics modeling using GT-SUITE
  • Detailed modeling of valves with fluid structure interaction to accurately predict pressure losses, flow rates, and valve dynamics.
  • Integrating 1D system and component models with 3D CFD valve models within GT-SUITE.

Predicting Pump Friction & Flow Ripple from CAD Data and Effects at the System Level using GT-SUITE:  – March 9 & 10 at 3 PM

Highlights include:

  • Geometry based pump modeling to accurately predict volumetric and mechanical efficiency, pressure pulsation/flow ripple, and pump friction.
  • Using GT-SUITE’s CAD preprocessor, GEM3D, to automatically convert pump CAD to a predictive, fast running model.
  • State of the art 1D pump modeling techniques.