Engine Simulation Workshop at ASME ICEF

August 13, 2019

GT is happy to announce that we will host an engine simulation workshop at the ASME ICEF Conference.

When: October 23, 2019
Where: Marriott Chicago O’Hare, Chicago, IL
Fee: $75

The workshop will teach participants how set up and run simulations in GT-SUITE, including exercises in which models will be completed or modified. Topics in the workshop include:

  • Overview of GT-SUITE and Gamma Technologies
  • Use of the graphical interface, GT-ISE
  • Intro to Flow & Engine Modeling Combined by Completing a 1-Cylinder Engine Model
  • Running a Simulation
  • Analysis of Results in GT-POST Using Output from the Model
  • Full Engine Model Review and Exercise
  • Intro to Hydraulic Modeling – Fuel Injection or Lubrication
  • Engine Heat Distribution Modeling
  • Review of Other Full Systems Models and Details of Applications: Valvetrain, Cranktrain, Lubrication, Injection

To register, visit the ASME ICEF website.