2020 North American and European Training Programs

January 14, 2020

Learn the basics of GT-SUITE and delve into the capabilities of specific applications in our 2020 North American and European Training Programs! Each month begins with an introductory GT-SUITE training, following by application-specific courses that change month-to-month.

Classes are conveniently located at our offices in Westmont, Illinois and Stuttgart, Germany.

Topics include:

  • Heat Distribution Modeling – Electric Powertrain
  • Heat Distribution Modeling – Combustion Modeling
  • Battery Multiphysics
  • HEV and EV Modeling with GT-DRIVE+
  • Transmission Modeling
  • A/C System Modeling
  • Cooling Systems and Components
  • Lubrication Circuits and Components
  • Cabin Modeling
  • Cranktrain Modeling
  • Aftertreatment Systems
  • And more!

Interesting in attending? Visit our training page to register!