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Gamma Technologies is working with numerous partners to deliver to our customers advanced solutions that combine in a seamless fashion the complementary strengths of the individual software suppliers.

Our partners include:

Gerotor Design Studio
cosin scientific software
Viridis Chemicals
PDM Analysis


Since its founding in 1996, ThermoAnalytics has remained committed to mastering both the art and the science of thermal simulation, based specifically on transient analysis methodology. As opposed to most modeling software that simulates heat transfer in a steady-state, transient analysis simulates the true complexity of your real-world environment and the performance of the your design.

They are committed to simulating the whole problem, which is why they take a flexible, multi-physics approach to their analyses, taking into account all heating and cooling factors: conduction, convection, radiation and environmental influences on a first-principles basis. ThermoAnalytics works to apply 3D-modeling technology that most closely replicates the three dimensional world in which we live.

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ThermoAnalytics Headquarters
23440 Airpark Blvd
PO Box 66
Calumet, MI 49913
United States
Phone: +1 906-482-9560



Partners ESTECO

ESTECO is an independent technology provider delivering first-class software solutions aimed at perfecting the simulation-driven design process. With more than 15 years’ experience, the company supports leading organizations in designing the products of the future, today. ESTECO smart engineering suite brings enterprise-wide solutions for design optimization, simulation data management and process integration and automation with the aim of helping companies excel across this innovation journey and accomplish the shift to agile product development. Over 300 international organizations – including Cummins, Embraer, FIAT, Ford Motor Company, JLR, Honda, Toyota, Whirlpool, VOLVO – have chosen ESTECO to consolidate specialized expertise, streamline teamwork and boost product development across a wide spectrum of industrial sectors. Founded in 1999, the company is headquartered in Trieste (Italy), with offices in Michigan (USA), Pune (India) and an international network  of channel partners.


Gerotor Design Studio (GDS) is a unique, fully featured CAD/ CAM solution to the difficult task of designing, analyzing and manufacturing gerotor pumping elements. These pumping elements are used in many types of fluid transfer and hydraulic power applications across the World as they offer significant benefits over traditional ‘spur gear’ type pumps (package size, smoother fluid delivery, more efficient, less noise, etc.).

Although the gerotor element has been around for a long time and its benefits are well documented, it is not an easy shape to produce. Hence anyone involved with pump design wishing to use a gerotor set has had to use an ‘off the shelf’ item from one of the major gerotor manufacturers. Whilst this is an acceptable method of obtaining gerotors, you generally have to design the pump around what is available. The ability to design bespoke gerotor sets (and be able to manufacture them) means you now have complete control over your pump design and manufacture processes.

Gerotor Design Studio and Gamma Technologies have joined forces to offer their customers reliable advanced  simulation capabilities for gerotor pumps based on the complementary strengths of each tool.

Design and create your gear set and porting directly in Gerotor Design Studio and get a quick estimate of pump performance. For advanced simulation, import the CAD model directly into GT-SUITE, and generate a 1D flow model automatically from the CAD model, to predict detailed flow and pressure pulsations, as well as cavitation and resonance.

Mr. Simon Baron-Oxberry, Director
Gerotor Design Studio
64 Firbank
Preston, Bamber Bridge, PR5 6SU

Mr. Valentine Moroz
SoftInWay, Inc.
1500 District Avenue
Burlington, MA 01803, USA
Phone: 1-781-685-4942


SoftInWay develops, markets and supports AxSTREAM®, a unique software platform for the design and analysis of turbomachinery, including compressors, pumps, turbines, fans and more. The integrated AxSTREAM® software platform provides engineers with the capabilities to fully design and optimize their turbomachinery components starting from initial concept all the way to the finished 3D design.

Softinway and Gamma Technologies have joined forces to offer their customers reliable advanced  simulation capabilities for axial, centrifugal, and mixed flow machines based on the complementary strengths of each tool.

Users can rely on the powerful capabilities of AxSTREAM® to generate designs for turbines, compressors, pumps and fans, and generate a collection of GT-SUITE formatted performance maps. From this point, engineers are able to use GT-SUITE to optimize their systems for the best efficiency, operability, etc.  Applications include turbochargers, coolant pumps, turbopumps, fuel cell pumps, gas turbines, and more.


FTire (Flexible Structure Tire Model), is a physics-based, 3D nonlinear tire simulation model. It is used in a wide field of applications within most of the important MBS and FE environments.

Together with sophisticated, stiff and flexible road surface models as well as flexible rim models, and a powerful toolbox for tire and road data processing, FTire is the most comprehensive software package for tire dynamics simulation in the market.

FTire is designed for primary and secondary ride comfort simulations, handling, suspension control system simulation, NVH, prediction of road loads on road irregularities even with extremely short wave-lengths, and more. FTire even can run in real-time, both for HiL simulations and in driving simulators.


cosin scientific


cosin scientific software
Hans-Stuetzle-Str. 20
81249 Munich



viridis chemicals

Viridis Chemicals
54A Mittal Towers
Nariman Point
Mumbai 400021
Phone:  +91 22 66102304
Fax: +91 22 66102307


Viridis provides custom chemistry solutions to gasoline and diesel aftertreatment catalyst systems in GT-SUITE. Viridis also develops system level optimization frameworks to help customers integrate and design complex aftertreatment solutions. All optimization frameworks are developed by integrating GT-SUITE models in Matlab.

Viridis currently develops reaction kinetics for the following catalyst systems:

  • Three way catalytic converter (TWCC)
  • Diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC)
  • Urea- and HC- SCR
  • SCRF
  • Lean NOx trap (LNT)

Please contact us to learn more about the recommended experimental protocols for the development of each of these chemistries.

Partners ETAS INC.

ETAS has been a mainstay in the automotive industry for over twenty years, designing and producing hardware and software tools for engineers who develop and calibrate electronic control systems.

We provide products and services across the software development lifecycle of electronic control units. ETAS solutions for software modeling/integration, hardware-in-the-loop simulation, virtual and rapid-prototyping, measurement/calibration and functional safety and security can be easily integrated into customer processes and with 3rd party products from our partner companies.

ETAS employs about 850 personnel in international subsidiaries and sales offices in 14 countries in Europe, North and South America, and Asia.



3021 Miller Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48103



PDM Analysis

PDM Analysis
8 Eccleston Close,
Barnet, EN4 9EZ,
United Kingdom
+44 78 2781 8689;
+44 20 7040 8780

Partners PDM Analysis

PDM Analysis Ltd develops, markets and supports SCORG, a unique software for the design and analysis of positive displacement screw compressors, pumps and motors. PDM Analysis is focused on supporting industry and academia with software tools and services for easy and accurate insight into the performance and design of screw machines.

PDM Analysis and Gamma Technologies have joined forces to offer their customers reliable advanced  simulation capabilities for screw machines based on the complementary strengths of each tool.

Through this partnership, information passes seamlessly between SCORG and GT-SUITE. Users can now rely on the easy to use front end of SCORG to calculate necessary volume, port area, and leakage area profiles for chamber modelling of screw machines. In SCORG, users can also calculate bearing forces and boundary conditions for finite element or CFD analysis of screw machines using GT-SUITE results of thermodynamic chambers.

In GT-SUITE, users import profiles from SCORG in order to model chambers as well as surrounding systems including multi-physics simulation of thermal management, friction, lubrication, acoustics, and controls of the compressor system. GT-SUITE also utilizes bearing forces from SCORG for high fidelity journal, roller, and thrust bearing modelling with optional EHD and flexible body analysis.