This webinar highlights the multi-objective optimization of a fuel-cell powered in-harbor tugboat propulsion under selected duty cycle and weather conditions. The dynamic and forward-facing multi-physics simulation model integrates a physics-based fuel cell / balance of plant (BOP) model and an electrical-equivalent energy storage (ESS) model offering realistic response dynamics. The optimal controls solution, which is based on ECMS utilizes a kinematic backward-facing propulsion system model considering the system dynamics and constraints. The proposed modelling approach exploits the fuel saving potential of each system design variant, and thus offers a significant design and workflow improvement.

Topics include: 

• The webinar focuses on optimizing a fuel-cell-powered tugboat propulsion in specific conditions

• A multi-physics simulation model is used to integrate fuel cell, energy storage, and propulsion system models

• The optimal controls solution is based on ECMS and considers system dynamics and constraints

• The proposed model offers realistic response dynamics for the tugboat propulsion system



Michael Zagun | Staff Application Engineer, Mobility & System Integration | Ground Vehicle, Marine & System Integration at Gamma Technologies GmbH

Thomas Vevaud | Senior Application Engineer, Reactive Flow Systems | Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Technology at Gamma Technologies GmbH


Please note that this event will be held twice. Check the timings below: 

Session I: 2:30 PM IST (India) | 11 AM CET (Germany)

Session II: 12PM CDT (Chicago) | 1PM EDT (New York)


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