ESTECO, Gamma Technologies, BETA CAE Systems and ThermoAnalytics will host a joint webinar on October 17th 2017, presenting the successful integration of their technologies in the modeFRONTIER workflow to reduce bumper temperature through coupled simulations for a compact car.

Expert engineers from GT-SUITE, BETA CAE Systems, ThermoAnalytics and ESTECO will demonstrate the advantages of the integration of their software to reduce bumper temperature in order to prevent car paint peeling.

The webinar focuses on an integrated approach to modify the muffler heat shield properties to reduce bumper temperature by implementing various solvers:

  • GT-SUITE simulates the gas temperatures of the exhaust system
  • ANSA modifies the heat shield
  • TAITherm implements GT and ANSA results before running thermal radiation effects
  • modeFRONTIER automates the interaction between the tools and optimizes both the bumper temperature and mass