Event Date(s)
Location NH Hotel Bologna de la Gare
Piazza XX Settembre, 2
40121 Bologna, Italy

Register By June 19, 2018 - 11:00 PM CDT
The registration deadline has passed.
Contact Peter Stopp and Emanuele Servetto with any questions.
Instructor(s) Peter Stopp and Emanuele Servetto
Language English

Gamma Technologies is excited to host this all-day event in Bologna, Italy. This event is designed for users of GT-SUITE that are interested in the new GT-DRIVE+ and GT-AUTOLION for Battery allowing modeling Hybrid Electric Vehicle or pure Electric Vehicle models for fuel economy or range studies. It is also designed for GT-POWER users interested in knowing new features for internal combustion engines.

From 09:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., the morning session will focus on new features of the new version v2018 of GT-POWER. It will cover the following topics:

  • GT-POWER for Control Department:
  • New Optimizer
  • “Droopy” Speed line in Compressor Maps
  • GT-POWER for Combustion Specialist:
    • Pre-Chamber Modeling
    • New Combustion Calibration Model
    • DI-PULSE Modeling for high loads
    • NOx Model (NO2)
    • FVV Cylinder Model

Come and learn why Californian and Chinese new players in EV are choosing GT for their electric powertrain! From 14:00 to 16:30 p.m., the GT-DRIVE+ & GT-AUTOLION introduction will be covered in the afternoon seminar:

  • Automatic and Efficient Modeling of Vehicle with GT-DRIVE+
    • New tool introduction
    • Driving Cycle Analysis (with Model Based Targeting Controller)
  • BEV / HEV Electric Components
    • Predictive Battery Modeling with GT-AUTOLION
    • Electric Motors
    • 48V & 12V Circuits – Energy Management Controls
  • Thermal Management of HEV/EV
    • Cooling
    • HVAC & Cabin
  • Energy Management Controls – Examples:
    • Engine Start/Stop
    • Electric Launch and Assist
    • Regenerative Braking

Please note that registration for students will not start until 11th of June.