Battery Safety Simulation

AutoLion-3D™ is a CFD-based software ideal for cell and pack safety simulations and pack thermal management. It is used to evaluate three-dimensional distributions (of current, temperature, Li concentration, etc.) that are of importance for large-format Li-ion cells. On the execution level, AutoLion-3D™ functions as a plug-in library to any commercial CFD solver wherein governing equations of AutoLion-3D™ are solved with the robustness of the commercial CFD solver.

AutoLion-3D™ is the ideal software for engineers and scientists who are focusing on evaluating cell/pack safety or pack-level thermal management issues and designing solutions. It empowers users to reliably evaluate challenges associated with safety and thermal management as well as evaluate the effectiveness of various solutions even before conducting any experiments.

It is also used for on-field safety simulations of Li-ion battery packs, such as an internal short, an external short in a pack, cell crush in a pack and nail penetration (lab-scale safety test).

User Benefits

  • Accurate over wide-ranging operating conditions
  • Virtual design of Li-ion batteries and packs (estimation of various pack and coolant design before cell/pack design finalized)
  • Compatible with any commercial CFD environment
  • Acts as Plug-in library for Fluent; AutoLion-3D ONLY uses CFD solver to resolve AutoLion-specific equations and post-processing capabilities
  • Robust and computationally efficient with parallel computing capabilities; easily handles large mesh size (15 million or more mesh size)